About us

Medden Shipping was founded in 2005 by Fulvio Medini who has an experience of over 50 years in the shipping world. Since its foundation, our company has acted as ship agent, transit strait ( Bosphorus & Dardanelles) agent, port agent, line agent, break bulk and general cargo agent, cruise vessel agent in all Turkish ports and has handled various types of heavy lift and project cargoes. 
In order to promote and establish a sustainable way of living, R&D and investments related to the production of renewable energy has been growing and gaining more and more significance around the world. Medden Shipping is proud to be contributing to the foundation of many power plants built in Turkey. Our operations team had handled over 20.000 export blades, 6000 import blades, over 400.000 tons of tower sections and over 300.00 tons of WEC as well as equipment belonging to thermal and hydro – electric power plants. 


Our mission is to differentiate ourselves in the market by combining our expertise as both a shipping agency and freight forwarder to provide our clients with value-added services and strengthen our presence in the market by reaching more clients and covering more destinations.


As Medden Shipping and Medfor Transportation, our aim is to satisfy the need for logistics in the fastest, safest and most efficient way.